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Our software and hardware provides transportation professionals real-time road quality data to improve operations and planning to lower costs. Even the smallest cracks in roads can balloon into significant headaches. Let's turn roads into more efficient and valuable assets.


Roads are vital public assets that are significantly underutilized around the world. Equipping professionals with real-time and up-to-date data enables better decision making to create value for businesses and citizens.

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Data collection

Using our IoT device or smartphone application, users collect road quality data in real-time. We translate vehicle movements to calculate International Roughness Index (IRI) and use our machine learning algorithms to identify the locations of road hazards like potholes.

Road quality (IRI) and road hazards are visualized on maps to quickly identify where potholes are on road networks. Additional layers of data like traffic counts, population density, and locations of schools, hospitals, and markets can be added to add context for decision making.

Data visualization

Micro-contract road repairs

Road repair contracts are sent to local construction workers through mobile devices. Individuals repair roads and receive wages through mobile money like M-Pesa once repairs are validated to quality standards.

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Smart contracting: Assess contractor performance through real-time data collection and compensate vehicle operators for data collection.


User generated reports: Crowdsourced data and road hazard reporting from local citizens to identify hazards quickly and accurately.


We are passionate about making systems level changes that will affect all member of a community. We believe mobility-as-a-service and smarter cities will be vital to unlock opportunities in communities and improve the lives for billions of individuals around the world.

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Roads are vital to every day operations. Our data can provide early detection and suggestions to repair or avoid roads before costs quickly balloon to vehicles, individuals, and businesses.

Road safety

Vehicle damage

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Municipal planners and engineers


Monitor road quality to identify deteriorating roads in real-time. Uses include data evidence against civil litigation, better allocation of maintenance budgets to reduce accidents and traffic congestion, and monitoring performance-based contracts.

Supply chain and Insurance


Redirect transportation routes to monitor fleet driving habits, reduce travel times, vehicle operating costs, and product damage to directly increase profitability and reduce waste from first and last mile transportation.

NGOs and field implementation


Monitor and research marketplace development and accessibility, lower cost of transportation and cost of products for operations, and directly create employment in local communities.


Luwero, Uganda


With Mobilized Construction, we're able to regravel more than just 1 road each year. - Emmy Semugabe, Sub-County Chairman - Luwero Uganda

Impact: Reduced travel times and motorbike fares by 50%, from 15 minutes to 7 and from US$1.00 to US$0.50.

Kiarutara, Kenya


Mobilized Construction enables us to create jobs and engage the community in public works projects. We are very thankful for their work. - Amos Njoroge, Director of Infrastructure

Impact: 17 jobs, improved market access for 2,000kg of tea leaves and 1,000L of milk daily, decrease of taxi fares from US$0.50 to US$0.30.